Testimonials for Dr. Kate Naumes ND

I want you to know that meeting you and working with you has absolutely changed my life.  I am such a proponent of naturopathic principles, and I would be honored to continue our partnership
– A.K.

This process with you has been a life altering experience.   I appreciate the intelligence, thought, and caring you have provided to me as my doctor.  I have literally never felt better in my entire life (no exaggeration).  I think I gave up a while ago thinking I would just have to accept my mediocre health as a way of life, but you have proved me wrong, and I am so grateful for it.   You are a wonderful, talented doctor, Kate.  With my sincerest appreciation, thank you
– K.D.

“After two miscarriages and a lot of struggle I am a few days shy of a full term pregnancy with our baby boy. I am sure that we wouldn’t be on the eve of having the baby that we want so badly without the help and support of Dr Naumes. As soon as I started following her instructions she was able to quickly and efficiently work with me on a plan that helped me to get and stay pregnant without any yucky or extreme medical interventions. I am friends with a number of women who are battling infertility and they are all going through lots of invasive and expensive procedures and treatments that they don’t understand, and that have yet to work for them. I am so greatful that I went to Dr Naumes first. She throughly explained the whys and hows of what was going on with my body as well as everything that was in my wellness plan. Because of her I have a much better understanding how my body works, and I am much more confident in my ability to have a healthy pregnancy in the future. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
– L.M.

“After more than 2 years of trying to conceive our second child, I felt beaten by traditional fertility methods. The toxicity from pills, injections, and my old lifestyle could no longer be ignored. At one point, I was actually being tested for cancer, at the age of 26, because of the drastic side effects from what seemed like my only hope of getting pregnant. Finding Dr. Naumes completely changed my life. After only 6 weeks… I became pregnant. I am now 20 weeks into the healthiest pregnancy I could possibly ask for. I understand my body in a way I could have never imagined. Her vast knowledge, and consistent accessibility have helped me create the healthiest home in my power, for the people I love. I could not recommend anyone higher.”
– L.N.

Everyone needs Kate Naumes in their life, even if they don’t know it yet!
– S.S.

“I am happy to report that his birth was 100% natural thanks to the incredible support of our OB, our childbirth counselor Dr. Kate Naumes, and two special neighbors who coached me through a relaxed (and super fast) labor at home and the hospital. It was truly a blessed experience
– T.F.

“Kate Naumes, ND is phenomenal! She nurtures so many families in Dallas. Love her!”
– D.W.

“THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I slept like a baby last night! [And] thanks for the book recommendations, they really helped me understand that this is what’s best for [my child]! It only takes her 2-3 minutes now to go to sleep on her own!”
– N.K.

“Thank you for my appointment today.  I left there feeling rejuvenated and no longer tired.  I very much enjoy my appointments with you and do look forward to them each month.”
– K.C.

“I’d love to continue to meet with y’all even after we move. We’ve benefitted so much and would love to keep it up. I have nothing but wonderful things to say if any prospective clients want to talk to an existing one….”
– K.A. 

“Before I started seeing Dr. Naumes I was pressured into birth control pills to regulate my hormones and for family planning purposes. In addition I battled years of digestive irregularity and vaginal dryness. Thanks to Dr. Naumes I was immediately able to discontinue birth control pills and rely on my own knowledge for family planning purposes. Once I was ready to grow my family, I only had to try for one month before getting pregnant. I now have a beautiful baby girl and enjoy the added benefits of digestive regularity, glowing skin, and balanced hormones.”
– K.N.

“I started working with Dr. Naumes to optimize my health in preparation for IVF. It has been a great experience! She considers the whole person and her suggestions are easy to implement in your daily life. She even consulted with another ND to make sure that my wellness plan also addressed my non-fertility health issues. In the past four months, my energy level has increased and my body composition has changed. My FSH previously 18.4 is now 8.4. Not matter the outcome, these are lifelong changes and I feel like I’m better prepared than ever for a healthy pregnancy.”
– J.D.

“I came across Dr Naumes after receiving news from my OBGYN that I had HPV, severe cervical dysplasia and would be needing surgery (LEEP). Being that I intend to have children, this was very troubling news for me. I wanted to ensure that the dysplasia would not persist after surgery. Dr Naumes provided a wealth of information on how I could make lifestyle changes to optimize my immune system and prevent further cervical problems down the line. She eased much of my stress regarding this issue and gave me the tools to control my future health. I had total trust in her knowledge and ability to help me. I just called my OBGYN office after my follow-up post-surgery, re-pap – results are . . . NORMAL!! I even tested negative for HPV. WOOOT WOOOOOOTTTTT!!! I’m so relieved! Thank you so so much, Dr. Naumes!! YAY!!!”
– E.C.

“I wanted to thank you directly for all the help you gave me during the year I saw you with my fertility. I know without a doubt I would not have been able to conceive if it wasn’t for you and all the suggestions and tips you gave me. I continue to recommend you to my friends that have any struggles conceiving as I know they would benefit from all your wisdom! I hope everything is going well for you. Thanks again so much”
– L.M.

Thank YOU so very much.  It was so very refreshing to meet you!  I am more than thrilled about my new journey with you.  It is nice to put the past behind me and toward a healing future.
– A.C. 

Thank you! I would just like to mention that I am incredibly impressed with how fast your office processes everything!  I wish everyone could be as efficient as you!!!
– R.R.

Thank you for helping to make it possible! We loved working with you and continue to recommend you to friends who are struggling to conceive. Our doula is also a big fan of yours! Hope you’re well and all our gratitude again. We are in love!
– A.O.

Thanks again for everything!…We had such a great labor and birth experience and we owe it to you. I would do it the same way again in a heartbeat… I’m already wondering when’s the best time to try for number two. I would also add that my husband loved working with you and he felt so empowered to help me because we had you to support us.
– S.B.