Sunscreen: Myths & Facts

Myths & Facts about Sunscreen
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Thinking about joining our practice, but want to meet Dr. Naumes, ND first?

Are you confused about which sunscreen is the best for you and your family? Have questions about the dangers of too much sun exposure?  Join me for an introductory talk that will help answer those questions for you and your family as we move through this season.

When it comes to protecting yourself from the sun, it’s easy to go wrong.
Many products carry confusing claims or contain ingredients that could pose health risks. Many people fail to cover up in the mistaken belief that sunscreen alone will protect them from skin cancer risks. There’s a questionable “seal of approval” program for sunscreens. Last but not least, a major federal agency has failed for 32 years to finish the job of issuing enforceable standards to protect consumers.

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$50 – 1 hour class
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