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Getting Pregnant Naturally & the Benefits of Natural Childbirth

26 Jul

The Body, the Mind & the Heart

20 Jul

Moms and Exhaustion

19 Jul

Genetic Diversity

13 Jul

‘Should we wait to have kids?’

7 Jul

Have a listen my answer to the question “Should I wait until we have all our ‘ducks in a row’ before trying to conceive?”

The links between Fertility, Sun Exposure, and Vitamin D

6 Jul

Background and Credentials

1 Jul

Green Products for Mom on “D-The Broadcast”

8 Mar

Dr. Naumes shares her favorite Green Products for Mom on “D-The Broadcast“.

Dr. Naumes speaks about Fertility on “D – The Broadcast”

7 Mar

Fertility Tips with Dr. Naumes on D Broadcast

Dr. Kate Naumes on “D- The Broadcast” discussing fertility tips.